Other Graphics

This page contains Images from various gif and jpg files I have collected. The display may be distorted. To view an image without distortion, left click on it. It that does not work, try right clicking the image and selecting View Image. You may capture individual images by clicking on them with your right mouse button if your browser supports this function. Click here to download them all at once in a .zip file.

WARNING: THIS PAGE CONTAINS OVER 200 IMAGES AND LOADS VERY SLOWLY. At 28.8 loading can take as long as 6 minutes. Where this seems forever, it is only 1.8 seconds per image! If you see an image you want to view or download, do so without waiting for the rest of the page to load. When you go back, loading will resume with little loss of time.

When testing the page, I tried to download run10.gif and was told that the file name was illegal. I selected View Image and then tried downloading the larger image using the same name. It downloaded without a problem. No idea of why, but if you get an illegal file name message you can try using a different name to save the file or do it like I did.

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Last Revised 8/31/96.